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From: tag michaels
Subject: ExposedThis story is mostly fiction although it was inspired by a true event. I
was in a hardware store last weekend and a little boy with an old man did
walk toward me and the little boy's cock head was stuck in the top of his
shorts. They did stop in front of me to look at lamps and the little boy
did in fact pull his pants down and play with his cock while grandpa
talked. And he did in fact look directly at me while he did it. When they
walked away, he still had his waistband underneath his cock and balls. The
whole thing lasted about three minutes, the little boy was about 4 years
old, definitely old enough to know better than to play with himself in
public. Anyway, the rest of the story is total fiction. As I said in the
beginning of the story, boys that age don't do it for me, but it does make
for an interesting story.Hope you like it,
I had to get some screws and other odds and ends to finish a project that I
was doing at the house so went off to the hardware free lesbian lolita stories
store. It was early
Sunday morning so there weren't a lot of people when I got there, just the
way I like it. I had just shut my car off when another car pulled into the
space next to me which I thought was somewhat ridiculous since there were
tons of empty spaces all over the place. Before I could open my door, the
passenger side door of the other car open and out popped a boy about six or
seven. The boy was drop dead cute, wearing shorts, sandals and t-shirt
typical for the summer weather, and he tossed me a big smile before closing
the door and walking off with an older man, probably the kids grandfather I
thought, spending the day while grandpa did his chores.A few minutes later I too young lolita gallery
was standing in an isle looking at some lights when
the couple approached, the boy following behind the man. I noticed that
the boy had his t-shirt pulled up, exposing his smooth suntanned belly and
I almost hot lolitas in panties did a double take because the head of his little boy cock was
caught by the elastic waistband of his shorts, the circumcised underside
clearly exposed. The boy smiled at me as he approached clearly aware of
what he was doing and that I had noticed. If that wasn't enough, when the
old guy stopped to look at the lights, the boy stood to the side and just
behind him and pulled his pants down under his cock and balls and began
playing with himself. I was fucking stunned and looked down the long isle
to see if anyone else was around but it was only the three of us. I looked
back and the boy sort of smiled at me again and looked down at hot lolitas in panties his little
dick, bobbing as his finger pushed it around.He wasn't wearing underwear that I could determine and I all but stared
from five feet away while the old guy carried on a dialog about what light
to buy for the boy, seemingly unaware of what his grandson was doing. I
alternated between looking at the little boy's hardening cock, looking down
the isle to see if anyone else was aware of the show going on in front of
me, and trying to concentrate on my purpose for being there. The boy
reached out to touch something on the shelf, turning his body a little more
toward me and allowing me to fully see his hard little cock. It jutted
proudly about two and half inches out and away from his smooth, lighter
skinned pelvis, his young balls in a crinkled bag held tightly underneath.Fuck!!! I am not a lover of little boys, that is, I don't fantasize about
sex with them, I prefer my boys to be of sperming age, but this little minx
as getting me hot. This boy was a sexual being if there ever was one. If I
had any doubts about whether or not his behavior was intentional, they soon
dissipated as he looked back over at me, then down to his hard boner then
back at me. His eyes moved from my face down to the growing bulge at the
front of my board shorts then back to my eyes, a large smile forming at his
lips."Grandpa I have to pee," the boy said, pulling on his little cock."In a minute Stephan," the man replied back."No, now. I know where it is and I'll be right back." He turned to face me,
smiled while he slowly pulled his shorts up over his dick, rubbed the front
of them then turned to walk away, looking over his shoulder to see if I
would follow. I did.I walked about ten feet behind the boy who swayed his little ass as he
walked. You can say what you want about kids but I'm telling you, this one
knew exactly what he was doing. The bathroom was at the end of a secluded
hall and when he turned the corner to walk down it, he slid the back of his
shorts down, exposing his white little butt to me, and rubbing slightly on
one cheek so that if anyone were to see it happening they'd just think it
was a little kid with an itch. Kids that age can pull shit like that off so
easily.He entered the restroom, I was almost on his tail, and when I came in he
turned to face me, pulling his shorts down to his knees and pulling up his
t-shirt, fully exposing his rampant little penis for me."Do you like it?" he asked coyly. I nodded my head"You can touch it if you like free lesbian lolita stories but come inside the stall first" and he
turned and went into the stall where the toilet was. I followed the little
cutie inside and he stood on the seat, giving me much better access to him."Go ahead, touch it." I did as he requested, gripping the hard little
thing in my hand and squeezing it gently causing the little boy to moan,"Oohhh that feels good do that again." I squeezed on him some more, then
slowly stroked on his boy cocklet causing even more moans then he told me
to stop."I want to see your big cock now mister," and he stepped down off the
toilet seat. I undid the Velcro waist band and pulled my board shorts down,
allowing my six and half inch cut cock spring out."Gosh it's so big," he said in awe and he gripped it. He stroked me a
couple of times then said,"I want to suck your cock and I want you to young russian naked lolitas suck mine but not here, not
now. Do you know Oak Street Park?"I nodded my head then he told me to meet him by the tennis courts about
nine that night. Then we can play some more.He pulled up his shorts and left the room, and I waited a moment before
leaving behind him.I returned to where I had found him as he and the older man turned the
corner at the end of the isle. I had an overwhelming urge to jack off so
decided to leave the store and discovered as I exited the front door, the
man and the little boy headed toward their car as well. I stalled for a
moment, thinking they'd leave before I got to my car but that was not the
case. As I got closer, the man was getting back out saying he needed to get
something. The little boy saw me coming and I could hear him say he was
going to wait in the car and an argument ensued but the boy won out, the
older man telling him to stay put.As I approached my car door he said,"Hey" and I turned to see that his window was open so I leaned down on the
edge to be more eye level with him and looking into the car saw that his
shorts were down around his little nude lolitas sites ankles, his knees spread open and his t-shirt
pulled up giving me a full on view of his softened boy hood."Do you want to touch me again," he asked with a smile on his beautiful
face while a hand played with his little cock and balls. There wasn't
another car for at least a half dozen spaces in either direction so I put
my hand through the open window and touched his stuff."I like it when you touch me there," he said, his voice becoming a little
bit husky. I felt his boy cock stiffen in my hand and gently squeezed on
it, stroked it, felt his marble sized balls in their crinkled little bag."What's your name" he moaned softly and I told him ken."I'm Stephan. I love when you touch me Ken, I can hardly wait till you suck
on me tonight. In fact, open the door and move around to this side. young russian naked lolitas
watch for people and you can suck on my cock right here. I looked toward
the store and his grandfather wasn't in sight nor was anyone else for that
matter, probably due to the fact that it was only a little after eight on a
Sunday morning. Stephan opened the door and I moved inside of it and he
turned sideways so that his feet were on the edge of the door jam, one leg
freed from his shorts so he could move easily and spread his little legs
open further."Common ken, hurry and suck me before someone comes." I leaned in and took
his little cocklet into my mouth and sucked it to his balls which I also
sucked into my mouth. The boy moaned and held onto the sides of my head as
he thrust his hips slowly. Fuck he tasted so good, his boy odor was sweet,
almost a powdery fragrance. I pulled my head free and looked up when I
heard a car door slam, checking my environment. There was still no one
close by but there were cars entering the lot."I think we better stop for now Stephan," I said. I'd rather not get caught
at this.""Let me see your cock again ken, here stand with your back that way and
keep your eyes open." I did as I was told, and felt the boy undo the
waistband of my board shorts, and reach inside to grasp onto my flaming hot
hard cock. He lowered my clothes enough for my dick to stick out and looked
around before putting his lips on the swollen head and sucking on it a
little bit while his little hand stroked slightly on the firm shaft causing
bolts of electricity to slam through my body. It was incredible having the
boys' small mouth on me like that and I knew that, given a few minutes, I
would cum like a sex starved racehorse."Oh god Stephan stop please, I'm gonna squirt if you don't and besides
there's people starting to show up." He let go and allowed me to tuck
myself back in although I had to leave the waistband undone until my cock
deflated.As I got in my car I saw his grandfather coming out of the store and
commented on it."Oak Street Park tonight at nine," he reminded me.I went straight home, stripped naked, lay on my bed, and relived the past
ten minutes. When I came it was almost underage pics lolita preteen thunderous, the most intense orgasm
I'd had in ages.I was at the appointed spot about ten minutes early and walked quietly
through the darkened park, looking for any sign of other people with the
same sort of mission I was on. The park is huge so I concentrated on the
area around where my assignation was going to take place, the tennis
courts."Hey" a whispered voice called to me. I couldn't see a thing then some
heavy bushes parted and there he was, peering out from behind them, dressed
fully in black. Smart kid I thought to myself. I walked over to him and in
a very soft voice he told me to get onto my knees and crawl in after him.
I discovered that there was a sort of trail that must have been made by
dogs, or even little boys like Stephan because I didn't think anyone much
older than he was could have made it.I must have crawled for ten feet, the bushes pulled at my clothing,
snagging a few times before I entered a small clearing not much bigger than
a two man tent. He turned and faced me once I had gotten in and situated on
my ass on what felt like soft grass."I'm really glad you came ken, I been thinking about you all day. This is a
really safe place, no one can see in and as long as we're quiet people
can't hear us even if they were standin just outside where we came in from.
He spoke in a whisper, giving me the audio volume cue. I nodded my
head. The bushes we were hiding in abutted three of the four walls of the
tennis court, obstructing it from view on those sides. There were a few
street lights that helped illuminate the area at night, enough to keep
vandals away. It was some of that light that came through the top of our
hideaway, providing more than enough light to see by.Stephan stood up and pulled his shorts down to his ankles then stepped out
of them, hanging them on a bush branch. His little cock was soft, his
balls tight to his slim little body underneath. He stepped close to me,
offering himself for my inspection, and being seated, his smooth young
boyhood was right at eye level for me. I put my hands on his slim hips,
pulled him closer, then licked at the head of his cock. I watched as it
sprang to life before my eyes, growing into a stiff little white piece of
boy flesh."Suck on my cock ken, put my cock in your mouth," the boy whispered and I
did as he asked. My warm mouth completely covered his cock and I sucked it
till my lips hit his pubic bone. With my hands on his hips, I directed him
into a fucking motion that he picked up on quickly, moving his boy boner in
and out of my mouth. God he tasted good, like he was freshly washed. His
soft moaning accompanied our movements, his hands on my head for support,
my hands moved to his little ass, and I kneaded the soft cheeks tenderly,
spreading them open then closing them, trailing a finger in his little
crack, then coming around to his front and cupping his marble sized little
balls. I took his cock from my mouth and sucked the little bag inside,
feeling the little nuts roll around in my mouth. Stephan's breathing was
becoming rapid, his moans more pronounced and then he stopped."Take out your big cock ken, I lolita model young nonude want to touch it and lick it and stuff. He
got to his knees beside me as I lay down and lifted my workout shorts from
under my ass and slid them down, then off. I wasn't wearing underwear
either, which made things easier, and faster.The little boy grasped onto my rigid dick, clearly fascinated by it's size,
and stroked on it a few times, then let go and played with my balls,
hanging gently between my thighs, hefting them and squeezing them
gently. He returned to my dick, lifted it up and placed his lips to it, and
when he pulled away, a string of precum keep him attached to me as if my a
silver thread. He asked what it was and I told him."I want to see your sperm ken. I've heard hot lolitas in panties a little about it but never any."
I told him how to suck on me and stroke me to make me squirt out and lolita model young nonude
tackled the job with enthusiasm, taking the head and about an inch into his
mouth before gagging. I rubbed my fingers though his hair, then reached
between his legs and played with his cock while he sucked me. I knew it
wouldn't take long and my guess was right. I told him I was gonna squirt
soon lolita cp 10 photo and to take his head away, which he did. I directed him to hold my
raging hard cock tighter and to stroke faster and in a moment I felt the
familiar tingling then felt my dick swell in his little lolita model young nonude hand just before a
geyser of thick white cream shot out in big globs onto my belly. I thrust
my hips in the air as Stephan continued to stroke me until it was finally
over and I sank back to the earth."Oh gosh ken that was awesome" the little boy whispered. I can hardly wait
till I can do that." I asked him if he had ever cum before and apparently
he hadn't cause he didn't know what it was. I had been smart enough to
bring a small towel with me so cleaned myself off and told the boy to lay
back on the grass, which he did. I began to suckle him, drawing his entire
boyhood organs into my mouth and sucking for all I was worth. I bobbed my
head up and down on him, his moaning and breathing becoming more rapid very
quickly. Soon he was saying it tickled so much and to stop but I knew he
would be grateful once it was over so I kept it up. He tried to pry my head
away but the feelings became to intense and he laid back as the first
convulsion of his orgasm hit. He pushed his hips upward, trying to force
his little boy penis further into my mouth, holding onto my head and almost
screaming from the intense pleasure he was feeling. His little body shook
as he continued to orgasm for at least fifteen seconds, then just totally
relaxed, almost as if he had fainted.I pulled away from him then lay down beside him, letting my fingers trail
over his hot lolitas in panties smooth little body when all of a sudden he was on me, kissing my
lips, almost crying, grinding his little pelvis into mine."Oh fuck that was too great ken, I never felt anything like that before
will you do it again for me oh please make me do that again, that was so so
good a feeling"I chuckled as I held onto his body, feeling my cock get hard all over lolita cp pedo vixen
from the pressure of his cock on me."I'd love to do that for you again sweetie, there's lots of things we can
do.""OH man I want to. I want you to fuck me to ken, I want to feel your man
cock inside my butt can we do that too, not tonight but sometime soon
please ken can we please."That was strange. He was the one who was so directive and decisive about
what he wanted and now he was all but begging me to do things to him."I have to get back before my grandpa discovers I'm gone, not that he
checks my room. At least I don't think he does. Can we meet again ken?
Maybe I can come to your house or something and you could fuck me in your
bed.I told him I'd meet him the next night if he wanted. He lived across the
street from the park in one of the more expensive houses and I lived close
by so it would be easy to meet him again, and I vowed that I would.Ya want more of this tale. Let me know

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